Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are our S.C. Political Rascals that smart? by Joe Kress

Perhaps you may believe I’m paranoid, but the way things are falling into place, I can imagine that there was a plan between the weasels and the deal makers in both the S.C. Demo-gators and the Rep-tilian deal-making parties.
Here is my imagined scenario:

1. The weasels contact their favorite reptiles to ward off any chance that the developers pay more than a pittance towards new schools. They need to unload their cracker boxes as a price to max out their profits. The reptiles at the local level demand that those who are in politics for their personal welfare and financial gain raise hell to lay all the infrastructure costs on the Public, who doesn’t need or want uncontrolled growth.

2. The local weasels decide that too many in the political game are turning the tide against them and coalesce an enormous amount of money from the haves, who will benefit from exploitation of land and politics, and run new candidates that will do their bidding.

3. Next, they contact their stooges who are already in the legislature with orders to sponsor a bill that substitutes impact fees paid by developers with an acronym called RIDS, which essentially relieves developers of any infrastructure costs. It passes by 99 percent in the House gators and reptiles and Senate, composed mainly of non-deliberating rodent carpetbaggers and scalawags, who by approving it making the measure law. The Governor who is supposed to be able to veto bad bills is overridden by sidewinders, who are veto-proof in South Carolina. That’s the way they like it, a weak governor and a veto-proof legislature.

4. The most powerful element in the political game is the edu-curs who believe in Marx and train their wards to be socialists or worse. The Super-dog offers a solution to solve the problem of limited funding for schools by promoting nothing less than inspirations taken from Lenin’s little bible; tax everybody that still has money in the bank, but not a word about getting more of the taxes into classrooms instead of Taj Mahals and hiring more “puppies” to support the NEA cause.

5. The gators and reptiles are now being pressured to use the provision in the RID law which suggests that no payments for infrastructure costs will be forthcoming from the islands of RIDS until illegal alternative funding is implemented. The Super-dog and his puppies are elated they can use the ploy to avoid asking the public for the loot to build new schools by bypassing the referendum process, which to them is as outdated as the U.S. Constitution.

6. With no opposition at the local level and with what can only be labeled a duma at the state level, South Carolina will continue to be the example to be held up to Henry Brown and Lindsey Graham as something of which to be proud.

Joe Kress, Corresponding Secretary
Dorchester County Taxpayers Association
P.O. Box 50522
Summerville, S.C. 29485
(843) 973-8803


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